Repairs of old Norrøna products

A prolonged lifetime is one of the best tools to make a product more environmentally friendly. Norrøna has provided repair services since 1929 to promote a long lifetime for our products.

It is of the utmost importance to Norrøna to provide repair services for our customers! We want them to use our products as long as possible in order to reduce the environmental impact of the garment . We currently provide repair services to all customers, and we have repair centers in key markets. Today we have repair centers in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Germany. We strive to provide fast services so our customers can be ready for new adventures as fast as possible.

The average handling time on repairs is currently at 5,79 days. In 2013 Norrøna repaired 4450 products, in 2014 we repaired 4900 products, and 6121 products in 2015. We ran a free repair campaign in the start of 2016, and 5118 products have already been repaired by our servoce centers in 2016.


  • All claims should be handled in less than five days from we receive the product.


5 days
5 days


5 days
5 days


5 days
5 days