The unstad collection consists of a complete set up made to conquer the Arctic waters. Offering two high quality wetsuits made in sustainable naturapren, a hoodie and t-shirts made in tracable wool, a board shorts in recycled polyamide and a bag to stash it all in, the line combines sustainable innovation with functional design.

    unstad 6/5 Hooded Wetsuit (M)
    Limited edt.
    unstad 4/3 Wetsuit (M)
    Limited edt.
    unstad 8mm Surf Booties (M/W)
    Returning 07.10.2019
    unstad 3mm Gloves (M/W)
    Limited edt.
    unstad Bag 120L
    Limited edt.

    Bag 120L

    $ 299

    unstad 20'' Board Shorts (M)
    Limited edt.

    The unstad collection

    Arctic surfing