About Norrøna Q

Norrøna Q is a new company established to accelerate innovation in Norrøna. We are now recruiting the talents with the passion and the skills to explore the future opportunities of design and technology with us.


Since 1929, our passion for nature has led us to climb higher, to ride faster, and to push our product innovation further. Through four generations, we have learnt that in-house craftsmanship is the key to real innovation. This is how we have tested our ideas rapidly, to build what we believe is the most reliable, functional gear in the market. You can read more about Norrøna's history here


In 2029, Norrøna turns 100 years old. By then, Norrøna Q will have 12 years of innovation experience. Robots will run large parts of our value chain, and artificial intelligence will be integrated in products and services. Norrøna Q will have helped bringing new types of products, services, business models and playgrounds to the Norrøna group and the outdoor market. 


To succeed with our ideas for the future, we must take actions today. To be able to innovate with impact in the increasingly exciting landscape where hardware, software and services interconnect, we believe we need to increase the necessary in-house craftsmanship level within technology, design and business development. This is why we establish Norrøna Q. 

Norrøna Q is organized as a new company to ensure focus and flexibility and to be able to spend time and resources on the innovations that are most exciting for the Norrøna group as a whole. 

 The company will operate from the Norrøna House at Lysaker in Oslo.