Ski touring - Summit to Shore

Not far from the well known Lofoten and Lyngen, but still just as wild and free is Senja, Norway's second largest island; the Adventure Island. We got our own ski adventure there. This is our story in pictures.

On board the Anna Rogde an old sailing boat, where she will take us to some of the worlds best ski touring

We feel privileged as we come on board the Anna Rogde (an old sailing schooner) early Saturday morning at the port of Harstad. From here we will experience five days of skiing and sailing in the fair north-Norwegian nature. Casting off and we direct course towards Senja, Norway's second largest island. We are heading towards an adventure of ski touring.

Day 1 - Skrolsvik:
We docked in Skrolsvik early afternoon, and strapped our skins to our skis. The direction… Sjursviktinden. The wind begins to rise but we still get in some nice turns down towards the beach. On the beach we are met with some challenges in getting onboard the rubber boat that will take us back to the ship and get 3 extra hours at the beach in the dark. "Vi står han av," they say here. Meaning we'll cope with it.

Casting off. The Anne Rodge leaves for ski touring wonderland.

Day 2 - Kvænan.
Defined as one of the classics and the third highest mountain on Senja. Strong winds and icy conditions made the climb dificult. But his gave us a chance to use the ice axes and crampons that often get left in our packs. The 10 pinnacles covering the top at Kvænan gives it a majestic appearance.

To the top! The boys climb to the summit in norrøna lyngen ski touring gear

As the cold wind blows the boy put on their crampon

Comfortable ski touring in Norrøna lyngen ski touring pants and jackets

The glorious summit, this makes it all worth it.

But…this makes it worth it!

On the beach, the boys wait for the boat after a great day climbing.

What a view!

Day 3 - Lille and Store Hesten:
Not far from Senjahopen we ascended Lille and Store Hesten and had a runs in glorious weather.

Perfect weather. Norrøna ski touring lyngen

One of the many summits in the area. lyngen ski touring gear made for a comfortable climb

Beautiful decent in perfect weather.

Happy ski touring!

Resting up after a great day on the mountain. lyngen ski touring

Day 4 - Keipen:
At the head of Øyfjord is Keipen with its neighbor Grytetippen that provides a tremendous view. From Keipen there are countless opportunities for a fun descent. We split the group into two, where one group hunts for peaks, while the other hunts for runs.

Bad weather closes in but the boys are comfortable climbing in their norrøna lyngen ski touring jackets and pants.

Day 5 - Andørja:
On the way home from the fairytail Senja, we get one last hike on beautiful Andørja. Here we climb Snøtind with lovely weather and prime conditions. Satisfied with ourselves, we are thankful for the trip and welcome others to make the journey. 

Summiting. lyngen ski touring.

Beautiful runs down the mountain. Norrøna lyngen ski touring

Video from the trip:


Welcome to nature.


Welcome to Senja


Travel Ski and sail on Senja organized by Yourway AS ( If would you like to get to Senja the easiest way is fly to Bardufoss with Norwegian airlines. Alternatively you can fly to Tromso where there are ferry connections to Finnsnes that take you to the foot of Senja island. Having a car will nevertheless be of great help when you're going on tour! Best time to travel usually in February-April.


The lodging alternatives are limited in the area,
we recommend Senja Lodge (, Hamn i Senja (
or Mefjordvær Brygge (
See also for more information about accommodation.


Senja Lodge and Mountain Guides housed in Medfjorden and operated by Bent Vidar Eilertsen. They offer accommodation and guiding. Read more about the offer at (


The book "Top Tours in Norway» (Free Flow Publishing) addresses a handful of classics at Senja. You can also google your way to some information about top tours in this area. If you are new here, it will pay off - both experientially and for safety - to hire a guide or go along with local - known ski enthusiasts.

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