Velkommen til naturen


Autumn is best spent outdoors

Nature wrapped up in shades of green, yellow and red makes fall the most magical sason. Whether you’re going to the mountains or staying at home during fall – Seek for nature!

Tip for everyday adventures:

Prepare the food at home and warm it up outside together.

Sausages, fish or vegetables are tasteful and simple food to grill over the fire.

Remember seating-pads and a warm down jacket. And if you have a hammock, bring it!

Are you hitting the mountains, you find our ultimate packing list here.

The general bonfire ban is over, but remember to have common sense.

How to make the perfect fire:

1. Find some dry materials

2. And some dry firewood

3. Cut the firewood in smaller pieces

4. Build your fire - Step by step

5. Get air between the logs

The shifting conditions of fall require durable, flexible and versatile clothing. We recommend following the 3-layer principle. This is based on is based on transporting moisture away from the body, limiting heat loss while isolating for wind and weather.


First and inner layer should always be wool. Our merino wool baselayer is developed to suit your outdoor activity perfectly, regardless of the weather conditions, season or intensity level. Merino wool regulates temperatures, are breathable, quick drying and are keeping you warm even when wet. And the best part – It doesn’t itch.

The mid layer shall isolate and keep you warm. Choose a fleece or a woolen piece. These materials have the ability to control the temperature with their combination of heat and moisture transporting properties.


The outer layer should be a quilted jacket or a shell jacket that protects against wind and weather.


Also consider the choice of footwear. Shoes or boots should have plenty of space for socks and soles, and remember that your toes need room to move.


Insider tip: Choose clothes that are spacious, which will allow for more layers of clothing. Movement provides heat and air insulation.