Velkommen til naturen


Our vision is "Welcome to nature", exemplifying our desire to provide great experiences in nature by designing the world's best outdoor products.

Nature is our force of inspiration and the very meaning of what we do, therefore, in true Norrøna spirit, we want to contribute to the conservation and protection of nature. Every year, we donate 1% of our sales to causes and organizations working to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Norrøna has divided the potential recipients into different categories and the nationality or location of the organization is irrelevant. The organizations or initiatives should however not spend more than 10% of their funding on administration. If your organization or initiative fits one of our categories, we would appreciate an application.

The categories we consider:

Please tick the box that best describes your initiative or organization.

What’s your purpose / vision?

Who’s the founder?

In which countries does it operate?

How big were the contributions handled by the organization last year?

Please describe which initiatives the organization could achieve with the following donations: 

10 000 NOK:

50 000 NOK:

100 000 NOK:

200 000 NOK:

Why is the organization a good candidate to receive donations from Norrøna’s Welcome to Nature Foundation?