Velkommen til naturen


An Environmental Mission

Without nature, there’s no us. As a family-owned outdoor company established on our love for nature, high quality and long lasting products, environmental responsibility has been in our DNA since the beginning in 1929.We believe the only way to run a company is with a sustainable platform and every day we strive to improve, explore and inspire to protect our home. Through a six-part mini-series launching this spring/summer, we would love to welcome you behind the seams and take part in our most important mission yet.

Episode 1 - The Challenge

There’s no getting away from the climate challenge of our time. As an outdoor company that wishes to continue to be an outdoor company, we need to take every action possible to take care of the nature.

Episode 2 - The Road Map

As cliché as it may be, actions do speak louder than words. That’s why we invite everyone to see our CSR-processes through our 2020 roadmap. Being transparent about our goals and achievements, not only provides our partners and consumers with a greater confidence in our work but also ensures that sustainability is present in everything we do. 


Transparency is a key factor to keep both us and the industry moving towards a sustainable future. So it’s honesty, and as of today, the truth is that it's impossible to have no environmental footprint. Luckily, there’ are thousands of ways to reduce it. This is our approach.