Less than 1% air freight by 2016

Norrøna wishes to use as little air freight as possible, and the target is less than 1%

Norrøna wishes to reduce our carbon footprint. An important part of this is the transportation of our products. Today the large majority of our goods are transported on container ships as this is the most environmentally friendly option. In 2015 we exceeded the target of 2% (actual 4,3%). This was due to delays in our production, and we had to fly in some products in order to deliver in time to our dealers. We have improved our production planning to avoid these issues, and are monitoring the development.

In addition, the increased focus has forced us to review and change some of our processes. We see that our use of salesman samples are a concern as they have to be flown in for us to have them in time for trade shows; we are now assessing this process. Furthermore the process regarding use of air freight has become much stricter, and it is a management decision if we are to ship more than 1% by air. The increased focus has also raised awareness in the organisation, and made us consider new options (e.g. rail transportation from Asia).

  • Identify how many products are transported by air.
  • Compare to total production, and estimate % shipped by air.
  • Less than 1% air freight in 2016
  • Maintain level in following years
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