3rd party audit of all factories according to social and environmental standards

Norrøna audits all manufacturers according to our social and environmental standards

Norrøna audits all manufacturers according to our Code of Conduct and legal requirements. We do this to ensure that the environmental impact of our production is as small as possible and that the workers at our factories are treated fairly. We are currently working to finish an auditing cycle, and the goal is to audit 75% of our factories by the end of 2015, and to have audited all our manufacturers by the end of 2016. We will follow up the factories according to the findings from the audits. Norrøna had two CSR audits done by professional auditors in 2015. This was not enough to reach the target, but the ambition for 2016 is to complete the audit cycle and have all manufacturers audited according to our Code of Conduct and relevant legislation. There will be cases where we consider an audit unecessary, but this would require an extremely low score on our risk assessment and this is very rare.

Norrøna risk assesses and evaluates all possible manufacturers we choose to work with from an ethical and environmental standpoint. It does not take very long to do a 3rd party audit of a manufacturer, but it is crucial to do a close and constructive follow-up based on the findings. This follow-up is done by Norrøna, and it is resource demanding to facilitate actual improvement. So far we have chosen to focus our audit activities on the core business, clothing manufacturing, but in 2016 we will expand to manufacturers of marketing material, i.e. mannequins, hangers, paper bags, etc. If we limited the audit scope to clothing manufacturers the completion degree would be 89%.


  • Number of factories audited compared to total number of factories we use in our production
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