% of Norrøna employees commuting environmentally friendly

Norrøna’s ambition is that all its employees travel to work in the most eco-friendly way.

Norrøna works to promote environmentally friendly commuting to work among its employees. The ambition is that all employees will travel sustainably by the end  of 2017. We knew this would be a tough target, but we have already seen an significant increase in green commuting (i.e. walk/run, bike, bus, train or electric car). During 2015 85,3% of our Norrøna's employees commuted in an environmentally friendly way, and 28% of the employees commuted by bike or  by walking or running. The percentage is only slightly lower during winter (81,3% commute environmentally friendly and 17,4% by bike or foot). We are very proud of this development, and we will continue to work to reach 100%. This is done to promote an environmental consciousness and good health amongst our employees, and of course to reduce the carbon footprint of Norrøna. We are ambitious in Norrøna so we will raise our target for 2016 from 85% to 90%.

We want to improve further, and the final goal is to have all employees commute in an environmentally friendly way. To achieve this we have intiated several alternatives: The company cars used by sales reps are being replaced with electric or hybrid cars (that have to be able to drive electrically to and from work), the few available parking spaces we have are reserved for electric cars, and we have a biking or walking to work competition. We have already arrangements to make it easier to bike/walk/run to work; wardrobe with showers where towels are available.


  • Conduct surveys and based on this determine % of employees that commute green
  • Calculation of km travelled environmentally friendly will also be included
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