Meet Norrøna's team of athletes representing the brand. They all play an important role in the communication of each distinct concept, bringing our products to life through their lifestyle and core activity.

  • Ambassador Magnus Midtbø - World class climber

    Even though he drinks more coffee than recommended, the Norwegian rock climber Magnus is able to keep completely calm under extremely demanding situations. He is the reigning Norwegian champion since 2005 and is one of few in the world that has climbed a 9b.

  • Ambassador Robert Caspersen - Big wall climber and adventurer

    With his heart and workplace in the mountains, big wall climber Robert Caspersen won’t be throwing in the towel anytime soon.

  • Ambassador Børge Ousland - Polar explorer

    With solo expeditions to both the South- and the North Pole as well as solo crossings of the Arctic and the Antarctic, from coast to coast, Børge Ousland has firmly established himself as the leading polar explorer of our time.

  • Ambassador Even Sigstad - Freestyle skier

    Starting out with both cross-country and alpine, Even Sigstad from Biri in Norway was pretty set on becoming a skier. He’s now spent half of his 31 year long life as a free skier and there are no signs of it stopping here.

  • Ambassador Christine Hargin - Professional freeride skier

    Starting with alpine racing at the age 14, Christine had a good basis when changing lanes to freeride skiing in 2007. By then she had been skiing for the Alpine national world cup team and competed in the world cup, but she was feeling unmotivated and looking for something else. That something else turned out to be big mountain skiing.

  • Ambassador Tobi Tritscher - Professional backcountry skier

    Tobi began skiing at the age of 2 and has been ever since. To this day he can’t imagine himself doing anything else.

  • Ambassador Aslak "Letth" Mørstad - Single track mountain biker

    Starting off in the outskirts of Oslo in the early 90´s, Aslak has spent most of his life on or close by a bike. To this day it’s still the fresh air and the good vibes that send him out and about as much as he can.

  • Ambassador Nikolai Schirmer - Backcountry skier

    Nikolai Schirmer is one of the newest editions to our ambassador team yet a regular at Norrøna HQ. He may seem young but the skier has already established himself as a successful skier and photographer.

  • Ambassador Minna Riihimaki - Skier

    Leaving her homeland of Finland in favor of the intriguing France, Minna Riihimaki has always been drawn towards the mountains. Starting out as a medical student, Minna now spends her days as a part-time dental surgeon, part-time skier, part-time biker and full-time Norrøna ambassador in Chamonix.

  • Ambassador Jon Bokrantz - Single track mountain biker

    Without really knowing it, you’ve probably seen this guy before. Jon Bokrantz is the biker who has graced numerous of windows, posters and advertisements for Norrøna.

  • Ambassador Armin Beeli - Biker and skier

    Born in 1991, Armin Beeli has spent most of his life in the majestic Swiss Alps. In the little town of Fidaz, his life evolves mostly around the beautiful surroundings - both as a logger and as an extremely passionate biker and skier.

  • Ambassador Giuliano Bordoni - Freeride skier

    Living in Grosio, a small town close to Bormio in the Central Alps, mountain guide and freerider Giuliano is able to live out his dream in one of the most incredible surroundings Mother Earth has to offer.

  • Ambassador Eva Eskilsson - Mountaineer

    In search of new challenges and freedom to explore, Eva from Sweden decided to turn away from her career and move to the place she feels most at home; the majestic mountains of Chamonix.

  • Ambassador Jackie Paaso - Big mountain freerider

    Jackie Paaso is a professional freerider with skills that qualify her to be the former Vice Champion of the FWT and winner of the Verbier Xtremes.

  • Ambassador Tonje Blomseth - adventurer

    Tonje Blomseth is definitely not your average girl next door. At the age of 17 she decided to take on the elongated landscape of Norway by foot. Nearly 3000 km later she was certain: her heart was in the outdoors and her spirit of an adventurer’s.

  • Ambassador Asbjørn Næss - Skier

    Driven by the beauty of white covered mountains and great lines, ambassador Asbjørn Eggebø Næss has always been a true ski enthusiast. Between diaper changes, kindergarten and spending time with his family he’s always searching towards the mountains and new challenges.

  • Ambassador Kajsa Larsson - Skier

    The most important part of freeskier Kajsa Larsson’s life is to play. Whether she’s skiing, surfing, kiting, hiking or skateboarding, she just wants get the hours outside to a maximum.

  • Ambassador Wolfgang Huber - Mountaineer

    Wolfgang Huber has dedicated his life to the mountains. With his homebase in Chamonix he travels all over the Alps with his clients as a mountain guide - both climbing and skiing.

  • Ambassador Mike Henitiuk - Backcountry skier

    Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, backcountry skier Mike Henitiuk has always had a dream of living of skiing and filming. Through hard work, dedication and a passion for being outdoors, Mike is stoked to say he made his dream a reality.

  • Ambassador Johanne Killi - freeride skier

    Starting out with bronze medal at her first X Games ever, Johanne Killi has already positioned herself as one the best freestylers in the world.

  • Ambassador Christian Nummedal - Freeride skier

    Back on the Norwegian national team after a serious knee injury in 2014, Christian is now on track and working towards his goals.

  • Ambassador Michael "Bird" Shaffer - Skier

    Named after the bird that flies over the Aguille du Midi by his fellow skiing brothers, Michael “Bird” Shaffer’s is probably the closest you get to nature embodied.

  • Ambassador Sebastien Michaud - Freeride skier

    Seb Michaud is a true legend in the freeride community starting with powder turns as a three-year-old toddler and participating in freeride competitions since the 90’s.