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Promo code tips and tricks

How do you share and how do you earn?

1. You share your Promo Code with your friends, fans, and followers with an Instagram post or story showing the gear you use and trust

2. A fan is inspired by you, visits and adds a product to their shopping cart

3. At checkout, they enter your Promo Code in the "Promotional Code" field, which immediately shows them how many Cash Points they will earn when they complete the purchase.

4. Once the purchase is complete, you earn 5% of the total in CASH and they earn at least 10% in Cash Points which they can immediately use towards their next purchase

Note: Remember to use your personal referral link in your bio or in the “swipe-up” function so we can track the traffic you are sending to!

Get as creative as you want but if you want some quick inspo, check out these examples below:


Quick text inspo:

All Norrøna Loyalty Members get an extra 5% Cash Points when you use my Promo Code!

One of my favorites.../ I can’t get enough of..../ this product is the best I have ever used...and if you use my Promo Code, you not only can get your hands on one but you will also get some serious perks when you join the Loyalty Program!

I received a lot of comments about the (norrona gear) I wore last week/yesterday/in my previous post. It is such a rad piece and if you use my Promo Code, you will earn even more Cash Points when you buy one for yourself!