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Nikolai Schirmer

Nikolai Schirmer is one of the newest editions to our ambassador team yet a regular at Norrøna HQ. He may seem young but the skier has already established himself as a successful skier and photographer.

Growing up in Tromsø, Nikolai has always had the astonishing sights of Troms at his doorstep - a privilege that has not gone unnoticed.

Nature means everything. Like the Oxford Dictionary says it’s the phenomena of the physical world collectively. Dawkins eloquently explains how the house is just as much a product of evolution as its builder. The nature implied in this question would have the consequence that we as humans are somehow able to remove ourselves from nature. I think this is an illusion and like we see with environmental problems we as humans constantly bring about, quite a destructive one.

In addition to catching lines and helping us out on different projects, Nikolai is a proficient law student with big ambitions about the future.

- In ten years from now I see myself going for my ninth Alaska heli trip (with a solar powered helicopter) while I'm going over the final details of the new global tax scheme my good buddy Thomas Piketty and I just got passed in the UN.

Even though his lifestyle may come across as just fun, Nikolai is well aware of the risks skiing involves.

- Staying safe in avalanche terrain is what pushes my abilities the most for sure. The line between awesome and terrifying is so thin. Bottom line is you can't shred if you're dead.

So who inspires you?

- Apart from the obvious ski icons, I draw a lot of inspiration for my work from the world of surf and skate, especially in how they do their films and magazines. Desillusion and What Youth (magazines/content producers) have been a big influence. For more general "life" inspiration I go to academia and literature.

Name: Nikolai Schirmer

Born: 1991

Sport: Backcountry skiing

Hometown: Tromsø, Norway

Favorite place: Cosmiques couloir on a powder day

Favorite products: røldal Gore-Tex jacket

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