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Even Sigstad

Starting out with both cross-country and alpine, Even Sigstad from Biri in Norway was pretty set on becoming a skier. He’s now spent half of his 31 year long life as a free skier and there are no signs of it stopping here.

Skiing has been the thing I have enjoyed the most and after skiing a lot for a long time, I got kind of good at it. So my buddies and I started filming each other. It got more and more serious and now skiing and filming is my job.

As you might have guessed, Even is quite a talent behind the camera as well. Being a part of the successful Field Productions team, he gets to combine his interests and talent in the role as director/editor/grip. The production company specializes in outdoor movie productions and has won several awards for their action documentaries and commercials. And with a job like that Even really doesn’t have any typical everyday routines. 

I might sit inside looking at a computer screen for a couple of months and then three months out filming and then maybe a month just building things or fixing camera gear. But the only typical thing is that I work a lot.

Luckily for Even the workload doesn’t scare him. 

Learning new stuff is what really drives me; new tricks, new spots to ski or new ways to film it. The constant evolution and the feeling of setting a goal and reaching it.

Name: Even Sigstad

Born: 1984

Sport: Freestyle skiing

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Favourite Place: At home chilling or out skiing!

Favorite products
tamok Gore-Tex Jacket
røldal Gore-Tex Pants

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