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Børge Ousland

With solo expeditions to both the South- and the North Pole as well as solo crossings of the Arctic and the Antarctic, from coast to coast, Børge Ousland has firmly established himself as the leading polar explorer of our time.

He started his polar career by crossing Greenland in 1986, while working as a deep-sea diver in the North Sea. In 1993 he decided to challenge the great white silence as a full time explorer. Børge has been involved with Norrøna for a long time, and has been very involved in both development of products as well as the testing process. He even has his own signature Norrøna jacket and pant, that are made for the demanding circumstances when going on an expedition.

Name: Børge Ousland

Born: 1962

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Polar explorer

Favorite Mountain: Steigen, Norway

Favorite products: svalbard concept

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