Velkommen til naturen

Join the celebration and win one of our iconic styles

For 90 years we’ve been welcome people to nature by making world-leading outdoor products. We now want to celebrate this by giving you the chance to win some of our most iconic styles. To participate, sign up/login to Norrøna Loyalty and click the Anniversary tab.

4 iconic styles - 4 lucky winners

The four prizes have all made an essential impact throughout history, and have shaped our products and product development to what it is today. They’ve all pushed boundaries within outdoor quality, functionality, design and have grown to be favorites among customers, testers, ambassadors and employees.

The trollveggen Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

The trollveggen Gore-Tex Pro Jacket is the first choice of the most hardcore mountaineers with high requirements to durability and weather protection. This iconic jacket is historic, dating back to Europe’s first Gore-Tex® jacket in 1977 and is still a legend within mountaineering due to continuous user-driven development.

The lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

Setting the benchmark in 2004 for a new generation of skiers, the lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket was made uncompromisingly to fulfill the big mountain freeriders need for protection and functionality. The launch of the collection established our design philosophy Loaded Minimalism ™, and represents our first encounter with a three-year product development process - which is now standard for all Norrøna's products.

The fjørå flex1 Pants and Shorts (yes, you win both)

The fjørå flex1 Pants were initially designed for mountain biking and introduced to a relatively narrow market back in 2008. However, they soon grew to be a customer favorite for a wide range of outdoor activities due to their versatile functionality; They’re lightweight, durable and provide great breathability and offer reinforcement on the knees and seat for extra protection.

The unstad 6/5 Hooded wetsuit

The unstad 6/5 Hooded was our dive (pun intended) into the unknown worlds of the Arctic waters. The suit is made for surfing in the coldest and most rugged conditions and offers the perfect combination of functional details, warming fit, optimal moving range, and high-end sustainable neoprene materials. It introduced an entirely new product range and pushed our product development to its fullest.


Q and A

How many winners will there be?

We will draw 4 different winners who each will win one of the four iconic styles.

When does the contest end?

It ends on April 30th.

Can I choose what product I win?

We’ll match the winners and their prize and feel like all four prizes are pretty darn great.

Can I choose the colors?

You can give us your preferred colorway and we’ll do our best to fix it. However, we will be limited to our stock, and both sizes and colors may be out.

When will you pick a winner?

We’ll draw the winners on the first week in May and they will be contacted directly.

Can I participate several times?

Unfortunately, no.

Do I have to be a Loyalty member?

Yes, you do. But you get several other benefits by signing up such as online outlet access and prolonged warranty.

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